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by Sunscreem HQ
If you’re not the type to go up to the DJ and ask ‘Who was that?’, you may think that Sunscreem refers to the sound you make when you overdo it at the tanning salon. But if you’ve been on a dance floor since 1994, you have almost certainly shaken your booty off to the likes of Looking At You, Perfect Motion, Love U More or Sunscreem’s current hit Catch.Genre, 1998

Currently playing a series of club and festival dates in the UK, Europe and US, Sunscreem’s appetite for live performance remains unabated following their recent Number 1 hit Catch. During one of the maddest years in the band’s history with the recording of a new album, birth of Lucia’s daughter and the rise and fall of Pulse-8 Records, they have continued to take their unique set to their fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

Formed by Lucia Holm and Paul Carnell on the wave of the dance explosion, Sunscreem broke the mould right from the start by playing with a full live band at raves, free parties, and clubs. They were signed by Sony S2 after only 6 gigs.


The live act… a completely different category from the usual anonymous ‘3 songs and off’ club PA.Mixmag

In 1993 Love U More reached No. 1 in all three UK Dance Charts (Record Mirror / Music Week / Mixmag) the first time this had ever been achieved. Another all time first was the simultaneous No. 1’s in both the UK & US dance charts for Pressure US and Love U More, respectively. With the release of Perfect Motion, Sunscreem had written two classic club anthems of the time.


If they continue to create such timeless music, I may just tattoo their name on my forearm!Melody Maker

Following a stadium tour with New Order, their first album O3 became the biggest UK debut in the US in 1993.

The following year the band released a series of white labels under various guises including Anna Din, Anna Nas, and Chiba, with Anna Din’s Angel achieving club cult status. The album Change Or Die continued the journey, spawning the classics When and Looking At You, both of which reached Number 1 in the Billboard dance chart.

File the group Sunscreem in your box of guilty pleasures. This British duo produces dance-pop music that makes listeners see the silver lining inside every cloud.HX Magazine, 1998

Due to internal politics Sony failed to release Change or Die in the US, and the band negotiated their departure from the label in 1996, simultaneously releasing a limited edition album New Dark Times on the Internet via their critically acclaimed site.


Still the best actual band in dance music for me…M8, 1998

The band have now completed a fourth album for release next year.

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