Title: Kali (FM Remix)
Artist: Sunscreem

Release: Future Music Oct 1995  
Studio Album: New Dark Times   
Related Studio Album: Change Or Die  

SunscreemKali (FM Remix)

Written and programmed by Lucia Holm.
Engineered by Darren Woodford. Produced by Sunscreem.

℗ 1994 Big Fish Music Ltd.

This is an exclusive remix of Syclik featured in the October 1995 issue of Future Music magazine. In the interview, the band explains the “strange phase effects”:

The track on the CD is called Kali, which is a remix of a track of ours called Syclik. We did it at Master Rock Studios, and the way we did it was simply leave the sequencers running for … nearly 8 hours until we got completely fed up with it and just recoded the results, as we mixed all the time to DAT. And a few weeks later we went back, edited out what we call “the best bits” on the Sound Designer, and that’s the result you’ve got on the CD. … The strange phase effects were done partly with Rolland Surround and also a black box of ours called Mr. Shifty.

The band later admitted they thought phase effects were not strong enough, and they cranked up Rolland Surround for the version of Kali that appeared on New Dark Times.