Temple • Sunscreem Rmx

Sunscreem have recently contributed two amazing remixes to the new single Temple by The Black Chapel Collective ft. Lula Hemmings. The original Black Chapel Collective mix will be out on 25 June 2021, with remixes to follow on 30 July 2021.


25 Jun 2021

  1. Temple (Radio Mix)
  2. Temple (Original Mix)


30 Jul 2021

  1. Temple (Sunscreem Vocal Edit)
  2. Temple (Sunscreem Dub)
  3. Temple (Renée Lincoln Remix)
  4. Temple (Sunscreem Full Vocal Remix)

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The Black Chapel Collective — theblackchapelcollective.com  
Discography entry on DamnDisco.com


The Black Chapel Collective ft. Lula Hemmings — Temple (Original Mix)   (6:03)

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