Illusive Dream

Almost 25 years later, Quadran’s “Illusive Dream – Remixes” has been released for download on 26 March 2021. That’s the good news. Even better news is that the 2021 digital release contains one previously unreleased Sunscreem remix — Northside Edit, along with three remixes from the 1996 vinyl. Somewhat bad news: Southside Edit is not included on this release. And now for the final, proper piece of bad news: Northside Edit and Northside Mix contain several unfortunate pops, clicks, and dropouts. So it’s a mixed bag… It appears that after a quarter of a century a few “illusive dreams” remain elusive.

  1. Illusive Dream (Pure Trance Mix)   6:58
  2. Illusive Dream (Northside Edit)   5:44
  3. Illusive Dream (Southside Mix by Sunscreem)   8:57
  4. Illusive Dream (Northside Mix by Sunscreem)   5:59
  5. Illusive Dream (Northside Instrumental by Sunscreem)   6:01


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