Death Valley Sunset – Live

Lucia Holm performs live for The Black Chapel Collective collaborative project CONNECT on 1 Nov 2020. The live stream event was organized and sponsored by EMJAY Sessions and Hot Box Live Events. Video courtesy of The Black Chapel Collective (2020).



Video credits
Live Video Film, Production, Lighting: Kyle Mortley / Jake Martinelle
Live Sound: Denholm Ellis
Live Photography: Freya Lees
Audio Post-Production: Lucia Holm / Paul Carnell
Video Post-production: Steve Mortimer

Audio credits
Written by Holm / Carnell
Mixed by Sunscreem
Vocals: Lucia Holm
Backing Vocals: Ce Ce Xavier / Lulu Hemmings

℗ 2020 Annalogic Ltd


Photos by Freya Lees, used by permission.


You can view the entire award-winning CONNECT film on Black Chapel Collective’s YouTube channel  
The Black Chapel Collective: Facebook  
Freya Eirys Photography: Facebook  
Hot Box Live Events: Official Website