You could never be lonely
Cover story again
Check that picture closely
I see myself in the frame

I guess I should be grateful
For you to kiss on my wall
At least my room is tasteful
And it cost nothing at all

Compulsive as bad TV

Every night in the restaurant
(I see) You and your dismal friends
I smile till my teeth hurt
Planning what else I can send

In the daytime I study
All kinds of interesting things
Domestic security, firearms
That’s what celebrity brings

Under my foot, yeah
There’s nowhere to run
If you could, looking up at a gun
As you plead, disbelief
How could you possibly live
With this carpet?

I love to watch you
I love to watch you
Watch you, watch you
I love to watch you
Compulsive as bad TV

I have to watch you
Like a bullet homing in
Homing out
Compulsive as bad TV

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